Financial Influencer Links Media with Artificial Intelligence for Stock Markets

Experienced financial and stock markets professional, Mohammed Adel, unravels the link between social media and the stock markets as he launches iDazzle Media Network

Mohammed Adel is bringing his expertise and wealth of experience in the financial markets to bear as he attempts to establish the link between social media and the stock markets. The inventor of the Spiral Accumulation Strategy used in different money markets and Forex and developer of an intraday liquidity monitoring system based on artificial intelligence (AI), is looking to challenge the status quo as he launches iDazzle Media Network.

The world has become an information society, with rapid technological advancements and digital revolution leading to a lot of activities online, both personally and professionally. The role of social media networks across different facets of life and industries is dominant, especially in the different financial markets. However, no one has been able to substantiate this claim, which is where Mohammed aims to make a difference with iDazzle Media Network.

Mohammed is bringing his vast experience in the financial sector to a completely different market, the visual entertainment media, with iDazzle Media Network creating short videos to be used in stock markets. The initiative is particularly unique, as the content will be produced and published using the latest technologies powered by artificial intelligence and the digital economy to provide daily guides and news to different categories of users.

iDazzle Media Network aims to meet the marketing and statistical needs besides the social entertainment, solving the challenges that arise from ignoring the response time to news in the financial markets, a phenomenon absent in previous resources.

With the increasing volume and speed of social media, the effects of Web information on stock markets are becoming increasingly salient. However, studies of the effects of Web media on stock markets lack both depth and breadth due to the challenges in automatically acquiring and analyzing massive amounts of relevant information.

Mohammed’s disruptive approach looks at the influence of information release, dissemination, and public acceptance on stock market volatility. He believes that “it is highly likely that these ideas in the near future will have a large part of the interest of investors in the stock and fund markets by investing in such startup companies, given the expected returns for those companies that specialize in artificial intelligence and virtual reality.”

For further information about iDazzle Media Network and how Mohammed Adel is linking social media with the global financial markets, visit – iDazzle Media Network can also be found across several social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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