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Raising venture capital is an art as much as a science. Learn how the successful entrepreneurs do it in the excerpt from
"Entrepreneur: A CEO's Lessons in American Capitalism"
by Charlie Thomas, Executive Officer, NISCO Solutions.
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Nanotechnology, the manipulation of molecular building blocks, promises to revolutionize limitless industries. Tune into this new revolution and possible investment opportunities in nanotechnology.

Nanotubes for Drug/Gene Delivery
By Frank Szivos, Editor AIN

Scientists working with University of California-Santa Barbara biologists have developed smart bio-nanotubes for drug or gene delivery applications...Read more

Tracking Inner Workings of Bio Systems
By Frank Szivos, Editor AIN

Today quantum dots shine in the life sciences, where researchers tack them onto molecules in cells and use their fluorescing properties to track their movement...Read more

Smart Beacon Detects Disease at the Cellular Level
By Frank Szivos, Editor AIN

Researchers say they've developed a smart beacon hundreds of times smaller than human cells that lights only when encountering a specific disease...Read more


Weigh these words of wisdom from great minds. They might offer some sound advice for business
applications. Most likely, they’re just fun to ponder.

Thought Provoking Advice to Ponder...Read more



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Book Review

To draw funding from VCs, you must learn to think like a VC. "Venture Capital: The Definitive Guide for Entrepreneurs, Investors and Practioners," can give you that insight.

By Joel Cardis, Sam Kirschner, Stanley Richelson, Jason Kirschner and Hildy Richelson 
Published by John Wiley & Sons

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